What is One Health?
One Health (OH) is the interconnectedness of animal health, human health, and plant health in their shared environment. Topics in OH include zoonotic & emerging infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, the human-animal bond, ecosystem health, and much more.

What is ISOHA?
The International Student One Health Alliance (ISOHA) is a student organization coordinating the global network of students in OH. ISOHA hosts multiple forums where students discuss, learn, and find careers in OH. ISOHA also curates and creates educational and career resources.

ISOHA 2021 Overview

Our Leadership
The Executive Committee (ExCo) acts as ISOHA’s main decision-making body, and a team of continent representatives facilitates communication and collaboration with and within their respective regions. The Board of Trustees is comprised of former ExCo members, and acts in an advisorial role for the rest of ISOHA’s leadership. See ISOHA’s structure below.

ISOHA’s Structure:

Find out more about the Education Committee (EduCo) here.

Our History
In 2015, the One Health Commission (OHC) seated 3 students on its Board of Directors. These students would represent the human, animal, and environmental domains of OH. In 2017, these student directors further structured the global student OH movement by selecting leaders for a new organization, “Students for One Health” (SOH). In 2018, SOH was renamed ISOHA to better reflect its international work.